$500  |  2 hours

the Session

Engagement sessions are a great time of portrait taking + getting to know each other + getting comfortable in front of the camera. Preferably we begin 1.5 hours before sunset, whatever time of year it may be.

We will meander, stop, take photos. I want to capture how you interact without me posing you. I'll compose many intentional compositions, but what I want most is your interaction within the frame. That's where the magic is.

Choosing A Location

Couples often ask me for advice on shooting locations, and really the sky is the limit. I love planning this out with my couples, though, so don't be afraid to ask! A few of my current favorite locations are Dumbo and Vinegar Hill for darling storefronts and killer skyline views. Red Hook for the perfect mix of rugged, chic, and the open sky/water combo that is so rare in the city. Central or Prospect Park, for nature. Brooklyn Botanical Gardens for the atrium that is filled with cacti (!). Your apartment, backyard, rooftop. Record shopsThe Turkish Bath HouseMontauk. Upstate. Paris


what should we wear?

Your favorite outfit. Something true to your style & personality, don't mind colors or "rules" of what looks good on camera. When I look at pictures of my grandparents when they were young, one of the first things I notice are their clothes. I love seeing the styles they wore and how it spoke so much of their personality. (I think of that when I choose my outfits for photos now - what my children and grandchildren will see one day!)


getting the Images

I select the best images from the session, edit them and send them to you via an online link. You'll get anywhere from 60-120 images. Turnaround is up to a month. You're welcome to make your own prints, phonebooks, etc.