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Our Honeymoon | hungary, austria, italy

Our Honeymoon | hungary, austria, italy

Justin and I were married in Lancaster, Pennsylvania last June.  Justin had meetings in Budapest that July and I had a wedding in Capri three weeks later, so we planned our honeymoon between the two trips. We booked one flight into one city and a return flight from another; other than that, we decided not to plan much else. We rented a station wagon in Budapest and eventually drove 1,400 miles through Hungary, Austria and Italy, 17 cities in total. The car made it possible to be spontaneous, to stop when we pleased and continued on when we were ready for something new. We saved money by staying in Airbnb's and a few HotelTonight's. When we found markets, we stopped and filled our car with goodies for the trip. And any chance we got, we took the scenic route. 

Our honeymoon was featured in this month's issue of Martha Stewart Weddings & Honeymoons, which is in newsstands now. (Crazy!)


Budapest, Hungary

Though here for work, we had a few days to explore. Our favorite part of Budapest was Buda. The streets and buildings were darling. We had dinner at PestBuda (pictured) one night, everything had paprika in it. I had never given paprika much thought until going to Budapest; we brought a few bags home. One day we drove out to the border of Slovakia to see more of Hungary. A few of those photos are thrown in here too.

Vienna, Austria

This is one stop we actually did plan, as it was Justin's hometown and only a 2 hour drive from Budapest. We stayed here for a full weekend and loved it so. I don't think Vienna is necessarily known for its food culture (is it?) but we dined like kings. They're very proud of their tap water.

Hallstatt, Austria

We drove a little out of our way to stop for lunch in Hallstatt. Houses perched on the side of a mountain over an Alpine lake. We rented a boat which we'd recommend for the views (and the fun).

Zell am See, Austria

Rain was forecasted for the next few days, and though we had a hankering to go straight to Venice we decided to save it for another time. We spent one night in Zell Am See. While we were here we took a lift to the highest point in Salzburg, which our hotel recommended to us (and gave us free lift tickets for). We sipped glühwein at the top; it was frigid & breathtaking. 

Cinque Terre, Italy

We drove to Cinque Terre next by way of Verona. We booked an Airbnb in La Spezia - we couldn't recommend it more, they were the kindest people I think I've ever met. We stayed here two nights; we visited all five of the terres but our favorite was Manarola, we found a secluded place to dive and swim and eat our picnic of ham and cheese and bread and berries. We were also glad we stayed outside of the five terres, it was pretty crowded with tourists that time of year. (We took the train in each day).

This was one of our favorite stops from our trip. I've wanted to see those houses on cliffs for as long as I can remember, and that sparkling sea water. I want to drink it all up.

Tuscany, Italy

We stopped in Pisa to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa and drink cappuccinos, continued on our way to Rada in Chianti where we stayed the night. The next morning we stopped in Siena for pizza (snack), stopped in Montepulciano for pasta (lunch), then found our heaven in Val d'Orcia. It was an Airbnb we had found just a few days before and we won the lottery. Our host cooked us a five course meal that night, outside, under the Tuscan Sun (had to). The rooms were decorated impeccably. It was in the middle of nowhere. I want to go back and stay a full week. 

Capri, Italy

We stayed one night in Rome, right outside of the city and walked to the center for dinner. We had both been here before, so it was more of a place to take a break than a new sight to see. Our next destination was Positano; the next morning, we drove down the Amalfi coast - equal parts terrifying and beautiful - only to arrive in Positano to find no parking (really!) anywhere. Our station wagon was so large we didn't want to turn it around (if you've been there you know) so we decided to skip it and come back another time. We stayed in smaller town further down the coast, and looped back to Naples the next day. We had Napoleon pizza, a whole pizza for each of us before taking a ferry to Capri, which was breathtaking. 

More images of Capri coming soon. Xo

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