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Costa Rica

Took a trip to paradise last week with two of my best friends, Kristina and Erik. We met in San Jose and took an early morning bus to Cahuita, an Afro-caribbean fisherman town with luscious rainforests, castaway beaches, and hardly a soul in sight.

The weather was perfect, lazy and warm. We went snorkeling in the Caribbean, rode bicycles along the beach, frolicked through the rainforest, and basked in the beautiful, beautiful, Costa Rican sun.

We stayed in little cabinas in the middle of a little jungle, and were awoken each morning by what sounded like cougars. We were so excited! Later we found out they were just howler monkeys. We did get to see the most amazing little jungle creatures, one little monkey even came out of the rainforest to visit us on the beach one day. We shared some coconut and it went on its way.

A few photos of beautiful Cahuita.

Kate and Tyler

Erin and Pete